Board Member

Until May 2022 I was the Chief of the Referral Centre for Paediatric Gastroenterology and Nutrition (held since 1997), Head of the Paediatric Division in the Children's Hospital Zagreb (held since 2004), and Professor at the School of Medicine University of Zagreb. Since May 2022, I am retired, serving currently as an ESPGHAN Liaison Officer. Details on clinical & scientific achievement are provided in the enclosed CV.

I have been an ESPGHAN member since 1992 and participated in numerous projects as a member of several working groups and committees, notably: the Working Group on Acute Diarrhoea, Pro- and Prebiotics, and the IBD Porto group. I had the privilege to be a member of the Committee on Nutrition (2005-2011), and the Ethics Committee, and was the Associate Editor of the JPGN from 2009-2018. I served in the Council for three mandates, first as an International Affairs Representative for Eastern and Central Europe (2001-2004), then as a Secretary General (2012-2015), and finally as the President-elect (2018-2019) and the ESPGHAN President (2019-2022).