MDR visual

In a new statement, BioMed Alliance highlights its concerns regarding an imminent deadline in the Medical Devices Regulation (MDR), which will manufacturers have to meet to keep their devices on the market. It is foreseeable that devices may be withdrawn from the European market in the coming period, which could lead to shortages of medical devices.

As of 26 May 2024, manufacturers will be required to meet a critical deadline for legacy devices, in order to benefit from the extended transition periods. By this date, they will need to have applied for conformity assessment under the new regulation with a notified body, and have a MDR Quality Management System (QMS) in place. Due to several reasons including the high costs of certification, manufacturers may decide not to apply for MDR and their devices will thus not benefit from the extended transition period after the 26th of May. Particularly devices for small patient groups, such as paediatric and orphan devices may be affected. In response, the statement provides both short and long-term recommendations aimed at preventing the potential loss of medical devices.

Read the full statement here.