The Biomedical Alliance in Europe organises regular teleconferences in different formations and organises multiple face-to-face meetings.

There are two annual meetings for all members; the Spring Meeting and at the end of the year the General Assembly. These meetings provide an opportunity to discuss activities and relevant policy developments, take important internal decisions and to network.

In addition, the Committee, Taskforces and Working Group organise regular meetings depending on the activities and availability of their members. During these meetings, members exchange information and jointly work on common projects.

The BioMed Alliance also contributes to the organisation of ad-hoq events on topics that are relevant to its members.

Upcoming events

The 2019 General Assembly took place on 20 November in our offices in Brussels. We were happy to see so many of our members there to exchange views on activities, policy developments and potential directions for the future.

We started the day by taking a closer look at our past activities and our role in shaping EU policies. This included an overview by Prof. Karin Sipido of the achievements of the Scientific Panel for Health (which was established based on a BioMed Alliance proposal). We also discussed the results of a survey which collected input from members about BioMed Alliance activities and explored potential ways forward with all participants.

As a follow-up to the panel discussion on Plan S during the spring meeting, Valentina Tursini, Scientific Publications Director (ESC) presented the latest developments regarding Plan S. Since the Spring Meeting there have been several new developments, e.g. the application date of Plan S was postponed to 2021 and a new guidance for medical societies was published.

The afternoon session was dedicated to discussing the activities of taskforces, committees and to discussing finances and governance.

Upcoming changes in governance were also discussed. Prof. Wilfried Ellmeier starts his presidential mandate in January 2020. He is supported by prof. Gunhild Waldemar in her capacity as President-Elect and by prof. Axel Pries who will act as Past-President. The term in office of Past President Colm O’Morain comes to an end in 2019. Over the past years, he has worked hard to promote the BioMed Alliance and advance the interests of its members. Tom Hemming Karlsen from EASL was elected to take over his empty seat.

GA 2019

BioMed Alliance General Assembly 2018

The BioMed Alliance’s General Assembly was held on 21 November in Brussels. It was a successful meeting attended by 35 delegates representing 22 member societies and by a wide-range of stakeholders from European Parliament, UEMS, EFPIA and EPF. The programme covered topics such as:

  • elections and revision of the BioMed Alliance’s mission and internal rules
  • update on the BioMed Alliance’s activities
  • the role of the BioMed Alliance in the EU health arena
  • a session dedicated to the Horizon Europe to the Steering Board for Health.

The BioMed Alliance’s mission and internal rules have been adopted by the General Assembly. The new mission will allow the BioMed Alliance to act as a unified voice for its members and to present their views in a cohesive and comprehensible form to policymakers, and the public at large. Following the new mission, the BioMed Alliance’s principal goals and objectives are to promote the best interests and values of researchers and of healthcare professionals, organised in non-for-profit scientific medical associations and organisations across all medical disciplines in Europe, in those general areas where common interest is identified.

BioMed Alliance General Assembly Agenda

BioMed GA 2018 Minutes